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Armand Baltazar

Armand Baltazar has built a career working in animation, film, publishing, illustration, and fine art. His twenty-plus years in animation include DreamWorks AnimationWalt Disney Feature AnimationImage Movers Digital, and Pixar Animation, working as a visual development and production artist, as well as an art director and production designer. Timeless by Armand Baltazar is an excellent addition to your book collection. Dive into the adventure with Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic. He trusts Warner Code with his vast, professional portfolio and videos.


It has been my pleasure to work with QTC Inc since 2015. We have worked together to build a site that satisfies all the needs of the user, providing emergency contact numbers, videos, extensive explanations of their services and the forms ready for submissions from inquiries. This site stays up to date with the positions QTC offers and gives applicants the ability to submit their resumes and apply online.

Website Development and design Facebook Cover Photo

A New Map

Website Development and Design for Co-Authors Dorothie and Marty Hellman. They came to me with another website designer humbly passing the torch. I was excited with the task of finishing it up, this included links to their audio book, an animated header, reviews, and spreading the news of winning the Turning Award. Executed a social package that included profile design and social posts and video. 

Nor Cal Gun Vault

Brand Building at Nor Cal Gun Vault in Rocklin back in 2016 was a blast! With customer appreciation day, there was good food, raffles and happy faces! Holiday specials, t-shirt designs followers voted on, loyalty cards and more. Interior design of the second amendment on the wall, special target practice apparel, hummer and truck decals. Under new ownership.


Labels, social media posts, videos and website were designed for PreservaWood. After many years of being in business, the company decided to make some changes to their labels on their quart, gallon and 5 gallon products. I was happy to provide them with my design and development services.


Provided with a design guide with company rules, swatches and a recorded script. I created the thumbnails with adobe illustrator, animated and rendered in a little over one month. What a rush!


Direction for this investor deck was clear, minimum changes. All I wanted to know was how the pitch went and they scored!