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I'm flying solo here, and I have spent too much time on this one issue.

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I can get around for the most part, but I'm way over my head here.

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I have other things on my plate, and you can't make me.

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web services


I want a strong logo with few elements, each can be identified easily and can be printed with a wide variety of marketing products.


I want a responsive WordPress site, mobile friendly and post what's new with my company. I may want you to post my blogs for me...


I am a noob/tech struggling with an issue regarding my website, pssst....fill out the form or text me for assistance. If you can't wait 707-898-5004

Promo Videos

I have some content, pictures of my work or products. Can you make a service and contact information video to publish on my website and share across social platforms?

eCommerce - online shops

I want to sell my products online. Can you build an online store with my products or connect my existing fulfillment service? I need help with a merchant service too. Pleeeeease!


My site isn't getting many visitors, and I don't have much information on my site. I need more content!


I just want some business cards, no wait, a banner too, I know! Car decals! T-shirts, stickers...flip flops, beach towels, hats too!

SEO | SAFETY | Compliance

Maximize my SEO game! How do I measure my visitors? I'd love some security, and be up to date with compliance.

Something else

I have this idea, it will be a project and I'm talking a year or ten. Are you interested in hearing my pitch?

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*Meetings can be held by video chat or email. DUE TO THE COVID-19, I prefer work be remote. Sorry, no decal installations will be done during this time.