Printful Products Process

We review your design files. I am happy to get your files print ready! Vector art is favored in printing. The layers need to be created accordingly. Some vector art may be “done” but if the lines and points aren’t clean, that can make a difference when you are holding your final product in your hands. 

Once files are ready, I can begin to create the products. The store is connected to your website, or you have the storefront Printful provides. The more simplistic the design, the easier it will be to apply to big and small items. 


Each design allows changes for two rounds; additional time or concepts may require an additional hourly rate of $45. When you approve the design, I begin to deliver you the file types you need (.jpg, .png, .psd, .pdf and .ai file, to name a few possibilities).

It doesn’t have to stop there! I am ready to create marketing materials for you to spread the word about your business or cause. From profile pictures for your social networking profiles to billboards.

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